LANscape® Solutions Core Product List Request

Corning products are Available, Compatible and Easy to specify, purchase and install. Creating innovative solutions, products and resources that fit together, are available and extend our customers' expertise in fiber optics is what Corning does best.

The Core Product List is a one-stop-shop for the names and part numbers of Corning's most popular LAN and Data Center solutions required to to get the job done.These are the products our customers use most on a daily basis.

We also include information on our newest products and a list of valuable resources that can save you time and money. To download the current edition of Core Product List in electronic format, click here (for standard .pdf). To learn more about Corning products, applications, resources and programs visit To have the most current version of the printed Core Product List sent to you, please submit your contact information via the form below. View Corning's Privacy Policy.

Only requests from within the U.S., Canada and Mexico, will be processed. Requests outside of these countries cannot be processed. Thank you!

2016 Core Product List